New - "Bernera"

New - "Bernera"


New -

Steve and I have found over the years of our bear making that we have a particular attraction to certain colour combinations and are drawn to materials that include these colours, blue with orange is one of our weaknesses so I just love this bear! The fur is gorgeous hand dyed mohair with a dense, straight, soft pile in a fantastic shade of vibrant orange and we have combined this with beautiful Harris Tweed. We love making our Tweedie Teds and have just taken delivery of another gorgeous selection of tweed in lots of different colours. This tweed is in shades of blue with a subtle orange stripe running through which picks up the fur colour beautifully. He is called Bernera and is 6" tall, in style he is a Big Ted bear with short, slim arms and legs, he has a rounded tummy and a big head. The tweed is used for his arms, legs and inner ears so you get a great contrast with the fur, he has a blue stitched nose and shiny black English glass eyes. Bernera is steel shot filled for a good weight and as you can see, he is just lovely! He costs £58 plus postage, I do hope you like him.

Please note that as with all our bears, Bernera is not a toy and is not suitable for children.

Sorry - Bernera has been adopted.