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Lenville faceA warm welcome to the Mobile and Tablet friendly Haven Bears Website, I do hope that you like it. You can also now follow us on Instagram at havenbearsandhares where we add new bears as we finish them each day and show Haven Bears on Tour as we travel around the country for fairs, just click on the link at the top of the page, so do visit and see our new bears as they are finished.

Quick Update - Good evening, welcome to our Website. We posted our latest Newsletter on Monday 3rd and are delighted to have had such a great response to it, thank you. There are still a few bears left hoping to find a new home so do visit our Website Shop Newsletter page to meet them. Plus today, Saturday 8th, we have added another new member of our Love Liberty Collection to the New Bears page, so visit there as well to meet Cammello.

We are delighted to have added a new shop to the select few who stock our bears, they are called The Teddy Bear Shop and are based in South Wales, they are currently operating online from their website shop which is www.the-teddybearshop.com We will be adding more to their stock over the next few weeks so do visit them to see who is new from us. Don't forget that our next fair is the online ebearshow which starts at 7am on Friday August 28th, visit their website on Friday August 14th to see our Preview bear and hopefully, vote for him!

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE ADOPTING A BEAR- We wanted to let you have an update on Haven Bears plans in view of the Coronavirus outbreak. I have been classed as vulnerable and therefore cannot leave the house for 12 weeks! This means that neither can Steve, so we can't take parcels to the post office, however worry not, we have found an alternative, we have a courier who will collect parcels from us. The way it will work is that we parcel up our bears in the normal way and then put all the parcels together in a larger box. They collect the larger box and take them back to a depot where they are sorted and sent out around the country to Royal Mail depots, so your bear will still be delivered by your postman in the usual way within 3 to 5 days (subject to any delays caused by Coronavirus staff shortages.) The downside to this service is that there is a minimum charge and so to make it viable in terms of cost, we need to be sending at least 6 parcels at one time. This means that there may be a delay between the time you buy the bear and us arranging collection because it will have to wait until we have six bears sold. We are going to be charging £4 per bear for this postage service and for the time being we have added that to the price of our bears rather than having a separate postage charge added at Checkout. We have also temporarily suspended our postage overseas, we will only be sending bears to UK destinations. Each bear will be in a separate box so even if you have made multiple purchases the bears will be parcelled individually and may arrive by separate deliveries. If you have any questions about this service just get in touch, it is a bit different than how we usually operate but from your perspective, the only real difference will be the possible delay between purchase and dispatch. Hopefully this new system will work and we will be able to carry on sending out our bears. Obviously if the situation changes with regards to the posting of our bears we will let you know here.

We are still working hard on new bears and are continuing to show new bears on our website, Instagram and Facebook pages so come back soon and see who else is new. Before the current situation worsened we had just ordered lots of materials, eyes, joints, steel etc plus lots of postage stamps, and so we have plenty of supplies to keep us busy. We are in the fortunate position of being used to working from home and so we will continue to make bears as we always do.

I have updated our Fairs Page in view of the current health issues so do visit there to see what is happening with our fair plans for 2020. We will continue to update this page as the situation develops. 


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Last year we created our Haven Bears Facebook page - I know, it's a shock to us too! We would love it if you would Like and Follow us, you can find us at www.facebook.com/havenbears or just click on the Facebook link at the bottom of the page.


Tricolore photoHello everyone, welcome to the Haven Bears shop. Our names are Alison and Stephen Beal and we have been making our gorgeous Haven Bears for over 17 years. All of our bears are Collectors Bears and are "One of a Kind", they are made using the very highest quality mohair and alpaca with cashmere, Sassy fabric or ultrasuede pads and paws. We use a variety of fillings, steel shot, glass beads, rubber or plastic pellets and polyester to give our bears weight and that extra cuddle factor. During 2013 we also introduced a new range of Plush and semi-plush bears in a range of sizes. The use of this more affordable material enables us to make big bears at a sensible price. We may not always have these bears in stock but they are available to order so if you are interested in one, just let us know. During 2017 we also started to make beautiful Haven Hares in a mixture of plush and mohair and in 2019 we launched our new Freestyle Bears and Hares, a collection of hand painted bears, totally unique and very special, visit the Shop Page for more details. As all our bears are "One of a Kind" we guarantee not to duplicate a bear so you know that each one you buy is unique to you.

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We trade at several shows during the year, Teddy Fairs, Toy Fairs and other events and we travel all over the UK to exhibit so there are many opportunities for you to meet the bears in the fur, but we also like to offer our bears for sale on our website for those of you who, for whatever reason, are unable to get to fairs. We currently include postage details for the UK, EU, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia on our website. If you are located elsewhere in the world and wish to purchase a bear, just e-mail us for details of the cost and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
We also sell our bears at a number of the best Teddy Bear shops across the UK. The bears that they sell are unique to them and cannot be bought from anywhere else. The latest shop to join this select group is The Teddy Bear Shop who are based in South Wales. We have just made our first eight bears for them and they will be available to adopt from them at the end of July 2020. Visit their website www.the-teddybearshop.com to learn more.
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We do hope that you enjoy browsing our website and that you find a bear that you want to adopt. We offer a secure shopping cart system and accept credit and debit card payments, you can also pay using your Paypal account if you have one. If you have any questions about a bear before you decide to adopt him, please do not hesitate to contact us using our Contact page.
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As our bears are all unique, the stock available is constantly changing so do visit us again soon to see who is new. We do try to update the site regularly as new bears are finished.
We welcome trade enquiries.
Please do note that these bears are Collectors Bears, they contain loose parts and ARE NOT TOYS, they are unsuitable for children.