New - "Wee Fyfe"

New - "Wee Fyfe"


New -

We really enjoy making our Tartan Teds but know that many of you prefer our smaller size of bears so we have added to the range with Wee Tartan Teds, this is Wee Fyfe who is just 4" tall. He is made of gorgeous two-tone, blue backed mauve mohair with a short, soft, straight, fairly sparse pile and to this we have added lovely tartan fabric in air force blue and black with a little bit of green on his footpads. The pattern on the tartan has been carefully matched across his tummy, pads and paws to make Wee Fyfe really striking. He has wobble joints and is heavily filled with steel shot, his tartan inspired nose is stitched in blue and black thread, he has a mauve flower shaped belly button and shiny black English glass eyes. Wee Fyfe is just adorable and we do hope that you think so too, he costs £50 plus postage.

Please note that as with all our bears, Wee Fyfe is not a toy and is not suitable for children.

Sorry - Wee Fyfe has been adopted.