New - "Wetherby"

New - "Wetherby"


New -

We are delighted to introduce to you Wetherby, our latest cute Bumblebee Bear. He is around 4" tall ignoring his antenna and made from lovely chestnut brown German mohair with an orange alpaca bottom, as he is inspired by my love of Red Tailed Bumblebees. He has cross stitched pads and paws, an orange stitched nose and shiny black English glass eyes, his antenna are made from felt covered wire with yellow pom-poms on the top and he has a yellow belly button. Wetherby is steel shot filled for a nice weight and as you can see he has a big personality for a small bear. I do hope that you like him, he costs £55 plus postage. If you would like to see a larger photo of him, please click on the link above to our Instagram page and then click on his photo.

Please note that as with all our bears, Wetherby is not a toy and is not suitable for children.

Sorry - Wetherby has been adopted.