New - "Palha"

New - "Palha"


New  -

We really enjoy making our Scarecrow bears which were introduced last Autumn and proved very popular so we have made more. This is Palha, his name is Portuguese for straw, he is around 5" tall and is made from dusky pink mohair in a shade called rose quartz and has a an insert of hand dyed blue and white mohair on his tummy with frayed patches of the same fur on his limbs. His feet and paws are made from very long, wavy, soft, brown tipped gold mohair chosen to represent straw, he has pale sage green mohair, short and soft, for his head and ears and he is decorated with woodwool. We have given him a big blue felt hat, shiny black English glass eyes and a terracotta stitched nose. Palha is steel shot filled for weight and loosely jointed, although he is quite slim so not as heavy as some of our bears. I love his colours and his wild and fluffy feet! I hope you like him too, Palha costs £60 plus postage.

Please note that as with all our bears, Palha is not a toy and is not suitable for children. 

Sorry - Palha has been adopted.