This is Sunflower, a small bear with a mission. We intend to send every penny of his £55 cost to the fundraiser set up by Sebastian Marquardt (one of the Hugglets organisers) and other Teddy Fair organisers from around the world to help Ukrainian doll and bear artists suffering unimaginable terror and hardship as a result of the invasion of their country. The fundraiser is www.donorbox.org/teddy and they are aiming to raise 20,000 euros which is being used to provide food, clothing, accomodation or travel expenses for the bear artists and their families from all parts of the Ukraine. Many of them are known to them personally because of the fairs they have organised in the Ukraine in the past, they have currently raised over 13,000 euros and more is being added each day.

Sunflower is 4" tall and made in the colours of the Ukrainian flag, his fur is lovely grey backed blue mohair combined with hand dyed yellow alpaca. He has toning cashmere pads and paws, a yellow stitched nose, shiny black English glass eyes and is steel shot filled for a good weight. We have made him a felt sunflower, the national flower of Ukraine, which he holds in his right hand. I do hope that you like him, £55 may be a small amount in the scheme of things but every penny helps. Teddy Bear people trying to help other Teddy Bear people when they need it the most.

Please note that as with all our bears, Sunflower is not a toy and is not suitable for children.

Sorry - Sunflower has been adopted.