New - "Iymbryl Elf"

New - "Iymbryl Elf"


New -

This lovely Elf is called Iymbryl Elf (pronounced imbrill) he is a lovely glistening gold bear made from a selection of mohair. His head, ears and paws are made from scruffy ivory German mohair and he has dark brown mohair for his hair. For his tummy and legs we have used deep gold coloured mohair with a matted, scruffy pile and this has been combined with pale straw gold coloured mohair for his arms and tunic which we have painted with glittery metallic gold fabric paint to make it glisten in the light. He has deep plum coloured cashmere boots decorated with metallic gold thread laces and this thread has also been used for his stitched nose. We have given him ivory cashmere paws, shiny black English glass eyes and a gold painted star shaped belly button. He is steel shot filled for a good weight and has a gold sparkly felt hat with a gold bell. With his bent legs Iymbryl Elf is perfect for sitting on the edge of a table or shelf, he has long curved arms and a rounded tummy. I do hope that you like him, he costs £55 plus postage.

Please note that as with all our bears, Iymbryl Elf is not a toy and is not suitable for children.

Sorry - Iymbryl Elf has been adopted.