Please read the Update on our Home Page before adopting one of our bears regarding changes to our postal arrangements because of Covid.

Meet Autumn, isn't he adorable? As you know we love colour and are always looking for new ways to introduce more of it into our designs. Sometimes it is just by using very colourful fur, but we also like to be able to add colour to our more subtle bears as well and so have invested in some gorgeous ink pencils which allow us to add colour anywhere! Autumn is made of beautiful pale gold Hembold mohair with a grey backing, the fur has a soft, straight pile and is gorgeous. To this we have added highlights of orange and brown around the eyes, ears, pads and paws which are very effective and the combination of colours put us in mind of the shades of the leaves we can see from our window as they gradually change from their summer colour into autumn, hence his name. He is 7" tall, has loose joints and a wobble head and is heavily filled with steel shot and steel balls. As well as his cashmere pads and paws we have given him needle sculpting details and stitched claws, his nose is stitched in dark brown and orange thread, he has shiny black English glass eyes and a brown belly button. I love him and hope that you do too, to see a larger photo of him visit our Instagram page by clicking on the link above and then his photo. You do not need an Instagram account to do this. Autumn costs £74 including postage.

Please note that as with all our bears, Autumn is not a toy and is not suitable for children.

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