Christmas Offer - "Hilaire the Haven Hare"

Christmas Offer - "Hilaire the Haven Hare"


Christmas Offer -

We are delighted to introduce to you Hilaire the Haven Hare who is made of gorgeous dark golden brown plush fur. Although plush is a man-made fabric, this fur is brilliant for our Hares because it's pile is made up of a mix of threads, black and grey are mixed in with the brown in slightly different lengths which give a very realistic fur-like appearance. His tummy, tail and the back of his ears are made of brown backed, gorgeous dense, soft teal coloured mohair with a nice fluffy length and the front of his ears are made of shorter teal mohair. He has shiny black English glass eyes, a teal stitched nose, a teal coloured belly button and wonderful whispy whiskers. His pads and paws are toning brown cashmere, we have filled him with steel shot and steel balls so he has a good weight and his ears are also wired so that they are poseable. I do hope you like him, I just love him. Hilaire is a medium sized Hare, around 7" tall including his ears and he originally cost £60 plus postage, however as was included in our Christmas offers on the December Newsletter we have left him at the same offer price and he could be yours for only £40 plus postage, a great saving of over 30% - how can you resist that?

Please note that as with all our bears and hares, Hilaire is not a toy and is not suitable for children.

Sorry - Hilaire the Haven Hare has been adopted.