"Macadamia Braces"

"Macadamia Braces"


Let us introduce you to Macadamia Braces, one of our beautiful 5 1/2" Braces Boys and as one of our current Collections is types of Nuts, I thought Macadamia Braces sounded great! He is made of bright yellow Schulte mohair, soft, silky and a lovely colour. His trousers are slightly more subtle, made of very pale hand dyed dove grey mohair, the pile is slightly longer and more fluffy but has the same silky texture. He has pale grey cashmere pads and yellow ultrasuede paws, his braces are white ribbon, he has a grey stitched nose and his belly button is pale grey with darker spots. We have filled Macadamia Braces with steel shot and steel balls so he is a nice weight for his size.

I do hope that you like him, he usually costs £45 plus postage, but during our Black Friday Weekend Event he could be yours for just £38 plus postage, a saving of over 15% and a bargain price for a really cute, handmade one-off mohair bear.

Please note that as with all our bears, Macadamia Braces is not a toy and is not suitable for children.

Sorry - Macadamia Braces has been adopted.