"Patchwork Parker!

"Patchwork Parker!


We are delighted to introduce you to Patchwork Parker, a sweet 5 1/2" bear, one of the latest in our Patchwork Collection. He is made of a selection of colours and as you can see, is adorable. His arms and legs are made of the lovely Hembold two-tone fur, lime green, copper and blue, lilac and blue and red and orange. His body is more subtle shades of pastel colours in velvety soft hand dyed mohair. For his head we have used three shades of fur, pale gold, dusky pink and darker hand dyed pink. Patchwork Parker has contrasting cashmere pads and paws, a pale mint green stitched nose and a mint green belly button. He is steel shot and steel ball filled for weight and so is nice and heavy for his size. We have given him a lovely wide happy smile and shiny black English glass eyes. I do hope you like him, he costs £45 plus postage.

Our Patchwork Collection has been really popular. Each bear is different and the fur is carefully selected so that the colours, lengths and textures look good together.

Please note that as with all our bears, Patchwork Parker is not a toy and is not suitable for children.

Sorry - Patchwork Parker has been adopted.