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There will be more new Christmas Bears soon so do visit again to meet them. In the meantime there are still a few available in our online fair this weekend, visit the IBAS Group Facebook page to see them.

The Christmas Elves for 2021 are similar in style to those from last year but to make them slightly different we have given them bent legs so that they can sit on the edge of a table or shelf. They have curved arms and rounded tummies, they still have little leather boots and metallic thread boot laces which matches the thread used for their nose. They also have the felt hats with a bell, we have also used glitter fabric paint to make them shine and given them glittery star belly buttons.

As well as the Elves we are delighted to introduce our Reindeer Bears which are new this year, sweet 4" bears made in gorgeous seasonal colours with reindeer antlers. They have glittery noses and snowflake belly buttons. We will making some of our Christmas Angels too so keep an eye out for them on our website and in the fairs we have later this month. 

If you would like to order any of our Christmas bears just let us know what you would like and we will make sure that you get it before Christmas. We do hope you like this Collection.

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