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Please read the Update on our Home Page before adopting one of our bears regarding changes to our postal arrangements because of Covid.

We are working hard on new bears for our 2020 Christmas Collection and they will be added here soon. Please get in touch if you miss out on them and would like to order one.

The Christmas Elves for 2020 are similar in style to those from last year as we really liked them, but to make them slightly different we have bought some glittery fabric paint which we will be using on the fur of their tunic and maybe elsewhere. We will also be hand dyeing some of the fur used on the Elves. They will still have little leather boots and metallic thread boot laces which matches the thread used for their nose.

The Angels are slightly different this year, they are made from hand dyed fur in a variety of beautiful colours and have multicoloured seed beads on their body, like the baubles on a tree. I do hope you like these changes, we love them and are really enjoying making them.

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