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Patchings Apologies.

(March 28, 2016)

Sincere apologies to all those who were expecting to see us today at the Nottingham Bear Fair at Patchings Arts Centre. We set off from home at 6.30am in pouring rain and all was going well until we had started to climb up out of Macclesfield on towards the Cat and Fiddle pass. After around a mile of climbing up the rain turned to sleet and then to snow and we found ourselves in the middle of a raging blizzard! We had to keep going onwards in the tracks of the snow until we could find somewhere to turn the car around without getting stuck. This we managed to do and we made our way very slowly down the hill and back to Macclesfield. Not to be deterred, we decided to try to get there via Leek and Ashbourne. We got to Leek without problems, it was still pouring down but no snow. On the road to Ashbourne however, we met huge stretches of flooding. The water was right accross the road from one side to the other, we crept carefully through the first stretch having watched a car coming the other way to see how deep it was. However around the next bend was yet more flooding! By this time we had been travelling for almost 2 hours and we were still miles away from Patchings!! So sadly we decided to turn around as the flooding was really bad and the rain was still coming down in bucket loads! Annoyingly later this afternoon the skies cleared and the sun came out - I don't know how it dared!

We do hate to fail to turn up at fairs when people are expecting us, but sadly it couldn't be helped. The only plus side is that we have lots of lovely bears for the Website and enough to do a Newsletter too!

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