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The Haven Bears 2014 Christmas Collection.

(October 23, 2014)
We just wanted to give you an update on the progress of the Haven Bears 2014 Christmas Collection. Work has started on the first of our Christmas Bears and we hope to have one or two of them available to adopt on the website by the the first week of November. We will have some of them with us at the Scottish Bear fair and then the following week we will put some on the website. We will again be making our Christmas Elves and Christmas Angels and have commissioned hand dyed pieces of fur for these bears which will make them extra special as the fur will only be available to us. We also hope to have some Christmas Millinery Girls which will be a new addition to our Christmas range. Some of you have already expressed interest in these bears and if you would like to add your name to our Christmas order list, please just get in touch.

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