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We can now accept Credit Card payments at fairs.

(September 11, 2013)
As regular customers will know, we used to accept credit card payments as we put them through a shop that sold our bears. Earlier this year we stopped supplying this shop (because of a lack of stock!!) and so could no longer take credit card payments except on our website. We are delighted to inform you that we have now a new Paypal Here cardreader which links with our mobile and which (assuming we can get a signal!!) allows us to accept credit card payments both at shows and over the telephone at home. We used it for the first time at Hugglets, and even though Steve had to spend a couple of hours on the half landing up the stairs from our stand on the 'phone to sort it out (signals at Hugglets can be an issue!) it worked really well. Our next fair is at the NEC where signals can again be an issue (it's all the concrete in the building structures!) but we will hopefully get it working there too.

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