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Hugglets Winter Bearfest.

(February 12, 2013)
As many of you will know, we don't get offered a regular place at the Winter Bearfest and always rely on getting a cancellation at the last minute. This year Irene, the organiser, asked us if we wanted to go on the cancellation shortlist and after a lot of thought we decided we had to decline her offer. As you can see from the website shop, we currently have very little stock although we are sewing as fast as we can! If we had done Hugglets, we would not have been able to do a February Newsletter or put any bears on the website for two weeks and so we made the hard decision not to try and get a place at Hugglets. I am sorry to disappoint those of you who were hoping to see us there on the 24th, but hopefully you will see something you like here on the website or on our Newsletter which will be sent out later in the month.
We will of course be at Hugglets in September in our usual spot in the basement, so we will see you then.

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