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Harrogate Fair update.

(February 05, 2012)
Hi everyone, it's 6am on Sunday 5th February and we've just made the decision not to risk trying to get to the Harrogate fair today. The problem we have is that it is such a long way that we have to set off very early to get there. I am really sorry to disappoint people who were planning to come and see us, but we have freezing fog here, the roads are very icy, there is freezing fog on the M62 and one of the roads we take to get to Harrogate after leaving the M62 is closed because of snow and ice! It doesn't seem very sensible to take the risk of travelling in those conditions so I am sorry but we won't be there. Instead we will put the new bears we have made on to the website so do check out the website shop and see who is new.
Our next fair is next Sunday at the NEC, so hopefully by then the weather will have got it's act together! Apologies again, we hate to cancel fairs but it just seems like the safest thing to do.

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