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Hugglets Winter Bearfest!

(February 12, 2010)
As regular customers will know, we have been on the waiting list for Hugglets for years! We have succeeded in getting a place in the September fair but not in February so we have decided to "loiter" in reception again in the hope of a last minute place. We did this a couple of years ago for the September fair and this is how we got our place, so maybe it will work for February too. We have been in touch with the organisers and they are keen for us to do this, as with a fair as large as Hugglets it is not unusual for someone to have to cancel at the last minute. So if you are going to be at the fair at Kensington Town Hall on Sunday 28th February, do look out for us. Any last minute changes are usually displayed on a list in reception, so if we do make it you will be able to look there to see where we are. Fingers crossed!

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