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Fair Review - Harrogate.

(January 19, 2010)
On Sunday 17th January, the first of the new Harrogate Toy Fairs took place. It was touch and go with the weather we have been having if anyone would be able to make it to Harrogate, but luckily the thaw started on Friday and by Sunday all the roads and a lot of the hills had cleared completely.
Sunday was a lovely sunny day and people were so pleased to be able to get out and about again that the fair was packed. There was a big queue to get in when the doors opened at 10.30am and the fair remained busy all day. 
Unfortunately some of the Teddy Bear traders who had intended to be there had to cancel for one reason or another but there were a few of us and we hope to have more at the next fair which is May 3rd (Bank Holiday Monday.) Despite this, those Teddy collectors who did come enjoyed the fair and lots of our bears found their way to new homes!

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