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The 2020 Christmas Collection.

(October 25, 2020)

It has become traditional for us to unveil our Christmas Collection each year at The Scottish Bear Fair which is always held on the first Sunday in November. Next Sunday, November 1st, would have been the day of the fair which is sadly not taking place this year for obvious reasons, but we decided to stick with that date to unveil the first of our 2020 Christmas Collection. We are working hard on Angels and Elves and they will be unveiled here next Sunday at 11am, the time the fair would have opened it's doors to the public. So do come back then and visit our Website Shop Christmas Collection page to meet the first Angels and Elves of Christmas 2020.

We will be working hard over the next few weeks to make as many of them as we can so don't worry if you miss out on the first few, there will be more!

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