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Freestyle Bears!

(January 25, 2019)

We are very excited to introduce you to our new Freestyle Bears which you can see now in the Website Shop as all the bears made so far are included in our January Newsletter. We have hand dyed our fur in the past and will continue to do so occasionally, plus we have also used fur bought already hand dyed by others, but the fur on these bears is different. The reason for that is because we have invested in an airbrush system which allows us to add colour to the bears after theyWyx thumb have been made, whereas hand dyed fur is dyed before the bears have even been marked out. The airbrush system means that we have control over where the colour is added on the bear's body and we can blend the colours and overlap them in bands. We can also add small blocks of colour in shapes, we can mix colours too making new colours so the possibilities are endless! It also means that the bears we paint in this way are totally unique as with most of them it would be impossible to ever reproduce the exact same effect twice. We are very excited at the Ephelio thumbthought of all the wonderful colour we are going to be able to add to our bears with this system, some bears as you can see are wild and wacky whereas other are subtle, we are having great fun! 

There will be lots more of these Freestyle Bears to come, plus we are already planning our first Freestyle Hares so do come back soon and see who else is new! If you have any special colour requests let us know.

Newsflash! We have just ordered 12 more colours and are really looking forward to getting them! Come and see us at our first fair of the year at the NEC on Sunday 10th February and see who we have made.

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