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Our first Online Bear Show!

(October 09, 2018)

In November we are taking part in our first online Teddy Bear Fair which is called The theme of the show is "Sophisticated or Simple" and we are starting to plan our entries. We are allowed up to 15 bears in the show. It is run by an Australian company and so the only downside for UK buyers is the time difference! The preview to the show opens at 4pm Friday 16th November Sydney Australia time (which in November is 11 hours ahead of us!) This means the preview starts at 5am Friday 16th and the show itself starts at 4pm Sydney time on Friday 30th November so again 5am here! However the show is open for 4 days so there is plenty of time to buy bears, it closes at 5am Tuesday December 4th our time.

We are really looking forward to taking part in this event which is a new venture for us. I do not think we will have 15 bears but we will make as many as we can! So set a date in your diary and don't forget to set your alarm clock!!

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