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Rhapsody in Blue.

(October 02, 2018)

Our latest new collection is called Rhapsody in Blue and it is a new concept for us. We have taken one piece of fur, in this case curly, Royal Blue Schulte mohair, and from this piece we are making as many bears as we can in as many different styles as we can, combined with as many different colours as we can! As we have been making bears for over 16 years, we have developed a large catalogue of styles and patterns and we thought this was an original way to portray them. There are bears in different sizes from 17" down to 3 1/2" and lots of lovely colour combinations. The Royal Blue Schulte mohair is gorgeous, dense, soft, curly and a fantastic shade of blue.

These bears will be unveiled on our October Newsletter and here on the Website once the Newsletter has been sent out so do visit again and meet them all. We will continue to add bears to the Collection until all of the piece of Royal Blue mohair has been used up and then that's it, the Collection will be closed! Do visit the Shop Pages to meet the bears or look on our Instagram Page here on the website. You do not need an Instagram account to do this.

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