Instagram on Haven Bears

On this page you can see a feed from the Haven Bears Instagram page at havenbearsandhares. It will show you a gallery of the photo's added to our Instagram page and to see larger photo's just click on the thumbnail photo. To read what we said about the bear you will need to click on the link here on this page which takes you to our Instagram Profile, and then click on the photo of the individual bear. You may need to have an Instagram account to do this.

We are going to try and update Instagram regularly with photo's of new bears as they are finished and Haven Bears on Tour as we travel around the UK for fairs. If the bear in the Instagram photo is available to adopt he will be shown in the Shop Page of the Website in the usual way but sometimes the bears shown on Instagram may be made as commissions or for a fair and so not available to adopt immediately. If you see a bear on Instagram that you like please do get in touch and we will let you know if he is available to adopt. It's a bit of a learning curve for us but I hope you like this new innovation and hopefully we will be a bit better at keeping it up to date so you will be able to see all our work as it is finished. If you already have an Instagram account, do Follow Us.