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There are just two of these special little bears left so don't miss a chance to adopt a bit of Haven Bears history!

When we were trading at the NEC Toy and Collectors Fair on Sunday, we came accross someone who was selling a small collection of Haven Bears which they had acquired from someone else. We don't often find our bears for resale but when we do we always buy them back, we rescue them from homelessness and hope that we can find them new homes! They always look so sad and we are always so pleased to see them that we can't resist bringing them back with us! So on Sunday, although we sold a few bears, we ended up coming home from the fair with more bears than we went with!! There are six of them and they date from 2008 to 2016, they have obviously been loved as they are in perfect condition and look just as they did when they were first finished. We are offering them for adoption here and we hope that you like them. They are all "one of a kind" bears and range in size from 3 1/2" to 7" tall.

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