New - "Hodmedod"

New - "Hodmedod"


New  -

This adorable Scarecrow Bear is called Hodmedod which I just think is such a brilliant name! As with the other names we have used it is a regional name and I really think it suits him. He is 5" tall and is made from a selection of different textures and colours, his tunic and trousers are brown backed fox red mohair with a matted, quite scruffy pile while his feet and paws are made from very matted, whispy pale straw gold mohair. His tunic has an insert of yellow backed blue mohair and pieces of this have also been used to make patches on his leg and back, his head and ears are made from short, pale gold South African mohair. We have given Hodmedod shiny black English glass eyes and a dark brown stitched nose, he has a lime green felt hat from which straw pokes out. We have also used woodwool as straw around his waist, feet and paws and given him toning pale straw gold coloured cashmere pads and paws. I really love this little bear and had to think long about allowing him to be adopted and not keeping him for myself which I very rarely do! I do hope that you like him, he costs £60 plus postage.

Please note that as with all our bears, Hodmedod is not a toy and is not suitable for children.

Sorry - Hodmedod has been adopted.