Fair Dates


The fair is now OPEN! Visit www.ebearshow.com to see our bears.

On Friday 27th November, we are again be taking part in the online ebearshow the theme for which is "Striking or Subtle." The show starts in Sydney, Australia at 4pm but because of the time difference, this means that it will be 5am in the UK! Worry not, the show is on for 4 days so there will be plenty of time for you to check out our page and see who is available. We have been busy working on new bears just for the show and I am sure you will be pleased to know that it will feature some of our 2020 Christmas Collection! Set your alarm clock! 

The website for the show is www.ebearshow.com and then you need to scroll down to our Christmas Angel Hark, click on his photo and it will take you to our page.