Fair Dates


We are again taking part in the online Bear Fair held four times a year and organised by www.ebearshow.com The theme this time is “Festive or Tranquil” so I am fairly sure that Elves and Angels will feature in our selection! We have already started making our 2019 Christmas Collection and are looking forward to seeing how they are received. As always, we have tried to make them a little different this year and I know I'm biased but I just love them! The ebearshow is organised in Sydney, Australia so the downside for us Brits is that it starts at 5am on Friday November 22nd (4pm in Sydney) but the fair is on for 4 days so there will be plenty of time to see who is available. The Preview opens at 5am on Friday 8th November, we would love it if you voted for our entry! Do visit their website sometime in the next few days and meet him!